Andros and Andros Routes in The Guardian !

Andros and Andros Routes in The Guardian !

Andros and Andros Routes feature today in the Guardian newspaper! One month ago Rachel Howard, a travel journalist who writes for the Guardian, visited Andros with her family. She is now writing with great enthusiasm, about the beauty of the island, its authentic character, our project for the maintenance of the old walking paths and about the Andros Route, the 100km recently certified route with the distinct quality certification “Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe”.

During Rachel’s short stay on Andros, with her husband and 4 year old child, we had the chance to walk together in the areas of citrus orchards of Livadia close to Chora, at Frousei mills route, at the wooded Arni and the Dipotamata ravine and picturesque Piskopio village. In addition, Rachel was able to make some brief trips to explore other areas of Andros, like Lamyra, Fellos and Achla.

Our visitors left with the feeling that Andros has many more pleasures and beauties to offer and more time was needed…so they promised to return soon.

Andros’ promotion in the Guardian is very important as millions of visitors read its columns either on the printed version or via the internet (check the relevant statistics here

Although promotion is very important it is not enough to generate and maintain tourism that will bring prosperity to the island on a long term basis. To do this, we need to respect Andros’ natural and cultural wealth, to constantly care and act to maintain all infrastructure, to be professional and above all to know ourselves, to make our self-criticism and to honestly care about our beautiful island…

You can see the whole article here

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