17th Maintenance Hike from the Panachrantou Monastery to Menites

We had wonderful weather and great company on our 17th maintenance hike of the 2015/16 season on Saturday 12th November 2016.

A total of 26 hikers joined us from all parts of the island. The villages of Mermingies, Fellos, Ano Gavrio, Korthi, Batsi, Aprovato, Menites, Mesathouri and Katakalaioi were all represented. We met at the Menites spring and travelled by minibus to the Panachrantou monastery. After a short tour to the monastery, guided by Friar Filaretos, we began the descent along the amazing cobbled passageway from the monastery. We made a stop in the small abandoned village of Petrias and at the spectacular arched bridge where we exchanged delicious snacks with each other. From there we went uphill towards Messaria where we stopped to view the Dardanos Tower. Our guide to the tower was the the civil engineer, fellow volunteer and good friend, Nicos Avgoustis. This was followed by a brief climb to the spring and on to the wooded ravine of Koumoulos and the watermills.

As always one of our hiking objectives is keeping the routes to the certified standard so we cut back vegetation, picked up rubbish and moved fallen boulders

The day ended with a lovely meal.

Thanks to all 26 participants for your efforts. You were great company and we hope we will walk again together soon.

Photos: A. Kleisouras

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