The combination of perfect weather and another impressive turnout, this time of 55 people made for a really enjoyable 4th hike of 2018 from Exo Vouni to Mesa Vouni, Giannissio, Lardia, Rogo to Ormos Korthi. Our gathering of walkers of all ages came from many parts of the island, Fellos, Gavrio, Agios Petros, Kypri, Batsi, Katakilo, Apropatos, Chora, Mesathori, Katakalion, Kochillos as well as from Athens, Italy, Germany and the UK. We met in the morning in Ormos Korthi and were transferred by coach to Exo Vouni with the help of Antonis Gisdakis. To welcome new members we all introduced ourselves at the start of the hike and after a short briefing on the day’s activities we started to walk Route 5, one of the most beautiful on the island. As we walked we cut back new growth, replaced fallen stones into walls, cleared steps and added way-markers where they were missing. As always we collected rubbish we found along the route.

At the end of the day we split across 2 restaurants for a delicious, well earned, meal in Ormos Korthi surrounded by the sounds and spectacle of the carnival passing by outside.

Thanks to everyone who came for your warm company, your help and participation and to Antonis Gisdakis for the special transportation service.

Our next excursion with some new and interesting activities will be in 2 Weeks!

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