Eleanna‘s & Dirk’s wedding hike !

Why join ?

It is Eleanna’s and Dirk’s hike, especially organized for relatives and friends coming to Andros for their wedding !

This hike is one of the most beautiful ones combining natural and cultural elements of Andros….

The route…

It is a route with lush vegetation, passing through major settlements of seamanship and rural Andros, parallel to Pythara ravine. It offers remarkable diversity of scenery and the option to visit important monuments.

Our guided tour here is based on oral history interviews taken from local people by our researchers, providing very interesting material and a deep feeling of Andros

The hiking route is easily accessible and also ideal for non experienced hikers (it crisscrosses several roads providing the option to participants if they get tired to rest and have a way out using a taxi

Let’s go !

Meeting time & point

8.45′ a.m.
Bus station of Chora-Andros,
Agias Olga’s square
ask for the bus for Andros Routes

The route can be described as follows, divided in 3 parts. One can choose to do it all, only the first part or the first two.

Part A : a walk around Apikia

About 1 hour duration

A circular part of about 2,3 km within Apikia village passing by several springs and visiting Pythara waterfalls on a small detour, as well as the 15th century A.D. arched bridge of Apikia.

Highlights :

  • the famous mineral water “Sariza” spring
  • the springs of Apikia & Heimariotissa
  • the ruins of the old silk factory of Apikia
  • the Pythara waterfalls
  • the arched bridge of Apikia

Part B: crossing the valley of Apikia, Stenies to reach Yialia beach

About 2 hours duration
Pick nick before the end of this part

A linear part of about 3.5 km descending and crossing the green valley of Apikia, parallel to the rivel of Yalia, to reach the beautiful Yalia beach & wetland.

Highlights :

  • the tower of Kairis library & the ruins of the Bistis Mouvelas tower
  • the arched bridge of Leontos
  • the historical ruins of the Embeirikos watermill and former pasta factory
  • the beach and wetland of Yalia

Part C: return from Yialia beach to Chora (Nimborio)

About 30 minutes duration
This part will not be guided and is only provided here as an option to return to Chora,
check for more info on return options below

A linear part of about 1,5 km steeply ascending at the beginning and descending and even towards the port of Chora (Nimborio).

Highlights :

  • the beautiful view of the green valley of Apikia, Stenies & Yalia beach
  • the beautiful view towards Chora, the peninsula & port

A lovely pick nick at the river bed…

The pick nick will be offered about 30 minutes before the end of part B

A pick nick will local products will be served at the Yialia riverbed on a beautiful spot. It will include :

  • Lemonade made from Andros lemons
  • A variety of local cheeses :
    • Local cheese called “malako”, made from local goat milk in the traditional way, served on top of rusks produced in a small bakery in Korthi village
      Local cheese with herbs and aromatics, made from local cow milk in the traditional way, served with bread made from zea wheat flour (wheat used to make bread in ancient times)
  • Local ham called “louza” made from pork meat with herbs and spices dried in the air
    • Accompaniments:
      Cucumber from local farms cut in sticks
      Cherry tomatoes, bio, coming from farms in Syros
      Variety of olives from different parts of Greece, Chalkidiki, Kalamata and Andros
  • Fruit of the season – pears – grapes
  • Lemon spoon sweet that accompanies perfectly the cheese and constitutes part of the “kerasmata”, meaning the wedding treats, traditionally offered during the wedding festivities in Andros island.

Relax/swimm/eat & Return to Chora-Andros- Options

After the hike you can swim or rest on the beach and/or have a drink or a meal at the taverna on the beach
You are free to choose then the way to return back to Chora of Andros

Taxi option

One can return with a taxi by just calling at the taxi station of Chora, tel. +30 2282 0 22171
The taxi needs about 12 minutes to get to Yialia beach and the same time to return to Chora, the cost is about 10 euros

Hiking back

One can return also on foot, by taking the Part C of the route above at any time he or she wishes

Useful information about hiking on Andros & terms/conditions on participation on Andros Routes hikes


  • Make sure you’ve got plenty of food and drink and wear suitable clothing.
  • Although snake bites are rare on Andros consider wearing boots and long trousers even in warmer weather as a precaution.
  • Check the weather forecast before you set out. In spring temperatures can rise significantly by the afternoon so always take plenty of water and a hat.
  • There are many springs and rivers with safe drinking water on the routes of Andros. Look for the safe water pictogram. 
  • At certain times of the year Andros will experience strong winds. Some of the paths have exposed sections at high elevations  so you may want to choose lower altitude routes on windy days.
  • Don’t take risks by attempting long or difficult routes without preparation
  • Take a map and know how to read it. Click here to get our walking map
  • Be aware of any ‘escape routes’ if you’re walking long-distance paths and need to cut the walk short
  • Tell someone when you expect to be back and where you are going


Fire +30 2282042199
Health Emergency +30 22820360000

Difficulties along the way

On the tracks, you may find doors or metallic grids used as doors. You are advised to open them and close them again behind you – they are mostly used for keeping out or herding goats.

Sometimes parts of the paths coincide with ravines or small streams, so it is important to have the necessary gear and preferably waterproof hiking boots.

Take into consideration the weather forecast, especially regarding the prevailing winds.

You are most welcome to contact us for further information !

There are several types of paths and trails on Andros, stone or cement-paved.

Most of Andros’ paths are walled and are called in the local language “stenes” (plural), “steni” (singular).

Usually, when passing through settlements the paths are cement-paved though in rare cases they are maintained in their initial form – stone-paved.

Some connecting parts between several of the routes proposed are dirt tracks and some cases include small parts along asphalt roads. There are definitely many crossings of roads, either dirt tracks or asphalt in most of the routes, allowing hikers to start or end their hiking in many more spots then the ones proposed.
Andros is a mountainous island with a sharp relief. The highest mountain, Petalon, rises to 1,000m altitude. The paths of Andros are of small to medium difficulty level. Nevertheless most of the footpaths include steep parts, so one should keep that in mind.

Each of the routes presented on this website is characterised with a difficulty classification based on the standards of the European Ramblers Association

Transportation, parking & luggage service

Andros has not been adequately developed as a hiking destination yet. There are no special parking lots for hikers. Transportation to and from hiking routes can be mostly done by rented cars, taxis and buses. The
public buses itineraries mostly connect the major urban centres of the island between them and with the port of Gavrio. Only a few exist that serve the smaller villages and mostly during the summer period. Useful phone
numbers for buses and taxis and for renting cars, motorbikes or bicycles are listed here.

Many routes start from the major urban centres of the island, Chora, Ormos Korthiou, Batsi and Gavrio, so one may not need a means of transportation for starting a hike but rather after ending it. No specialized luggage service company exists on Andros for people wishing to organize trekking holidays. Groups of hikers requiring a luggage service contact us for a special arrangement.

Taking part in hikes implies acceptance of the “Andros Routes’ terms & conditions http://www.androsroutes.gr/hike_advice_roules/

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