Andros Route on the European meeting of certified routes in Sweden

Last week members of our voluntary team have travelled to Sweden in order to attend the meeting of the certified hiking routes of Europe, at the city of Helsingborg. Representatives from several certified routes of Europe have participated, coming from Sweden, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Luxemburg and from Greece, besides Andros for the Andros Route, a representative of Mainalon area for the Mainalon Trail.

Interesting interaction took place between the participants and there were plans for common actions for the coming year, such as a new leaflet for the certified routes, similar to the one of last year, .

Besides offering leaflets for the Andros Route and our new map to the participants, we offered lovel soaps Soap by Eleni as well as sweets of Andros.

We also had the chance to hike along the certified route of Sweden, the Kullaleden of total length of 70km and take some interesting ideas how to improve our own Andros Route.

The meeting was coordinated by the President of ERA (European Ramblers Association), Lis Nielsen, whom has visited Andros last October in order to deliver the Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe quality certification to Andros Route.

The above meeting took place during the Eurorando Days in Sweden a pan European event for hiking where thousands of hikers have participated from all over Europe.

We will soon announce the new actions in more detail.

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