Text: Anna Kalatzi
Translated into English: ♪ Violanti Vratsanou ♪
Photos: Anna Kalatzi, Chrysoula Grammatikogianni

Argo (the beloved dog, the recent fan of our trails and maintenance hikings) was quickly back. 15 days after the maintenance hiking of Arn1, Argo became the mascot of the maintennace hiking of Route No 4 once again. Around 11.00 in the morning of Sunday 5 June 2022, 11 persons were gathered at the monastery of Tromarchiani to get to know each other and to demonstrate their love by participating to this hike on this southern footpath that connects the monastery with Aidonia, crossing first Nonia and enjoying the view over the valley, the bay of Korthi and the famous tower houses of Piso Meria.

We started with a stunning view of the wild rocky coastline right below the monastery, only to plunge into an incredible rural landscape having the typical character of the south. Sycamore trees, almond trees, oregano, thyme, capers, vines and olive plantations were waiting in our path to offer us their fruits or to tempt us for a second future walk, when their fruits are ripe and easy to be reached out and tasted.

In August there is no need for a snack on this footpath… The figs, the almonds and the grapes are considered to be a delicious superfood! Just do not think that this footpath lacks water, because this is South Andros… Far from it! Streams and springs cooled our path and an artful bridge was waiting for us just before Aidonia, the village which was the crown of our hiking because of its gorgeous springs.

Tidy houses, clean, whitewashed streets adorned with colourful geraniums, the characteristic view over the valley and the bay of Korthi and the tower houses, all these turned our imagination centuries back, when the Venetian land lords controlled the bay and the valley from these points and made us think. … “So much beauty… but how much history this place can carry”.

This was our sixth maintenance hike in this year! Basically, all is done, there will be no hiking next weekend.
We wish you a happy and relaxing summer on the beaches of Andros! Best regards and … see you in September!

The footpaths will need us again in the autumn… Nevertheless, we may do some short summer hikes on footpaths that lead out to secluded beaches!

Thank you very much for being with us this year, we wish you all the best for the next one😍!! It may not be by chance that the hiking year 2022 started from and ended at South Andros (the Circular-Tromarchion being the first maintenance hiking hike, the route No 4 the last one) 😇 … I personally believe that it was not by chance, but that the universe is positively plotting for the beautiful, wild and long-suffering SOUTH of Andros 🤗

Till the first rains… we might surprise you with hikes to the waters and seas… Andros offers footpaths for every weather … so let’s say again stay tuned and cool! 😉 Have a nice summer!

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