Visitors of Andros comment…

A selection of comments from visitors of Andros during 2016…

Comments from people that have visited Andros from several parts of the world as well as from the rest of Greece. Also comments from people having lodges on Andros forwarding the impressions of their visitors. The message is clear : the maintenance of our resources on Andros guarantees visitor’s satisfaction and this is the stronger promotion possible…  attracting more visitors on the island as long as we remain honest and consistent…

photos : Clare Anderson,  from USA to Andros for hiking… !

Hi Andros Routes Team! I’m writing to thank you for making it so easy for us to hike on Andros for our 2016 vacation. The “trails” are wonderful and my husband and I greatly enjoyed making use of the new mapping and marking system. We did not know fully what to expect when we planned our trip, but whatever expectations we did have were far surpassed. Our hiking adventures have taken us to many beautiful places. We now include Andros among them and would return tomorrow! Ending each day of hiking with a swim in the Aegean was rejuvenating. Many many thank yous for all of your hard work on the trails. It made our vacation!!

Dear people of Andros-routes, Since a while I follow your work with interest and last spring I had the opportunity to hike a few trails myself, what was wonderful! I appreciate your work a lot. A few weeks ago a small hiking-touroperator from Holland asked me to organize and guide a new hiking-trip to Greece for their program and of course I immediately thought of Andros. So now I am preparing a try-out-trip for coming September and I am happy to introduce more people into the beauty of Andros and its paths and I will make sure to put the attention too on all the amazing work you are doing.

Dear friends, in June we´ve been on Andros for 10 days. We were very enthusiastic about the rambling possibilities there, especially about the well prepared and perfectly marked pathes.We already visited 24 (!) Greek islands, but we have never found such a good signed net of pathes. We can really imagine that you did a lot of efforts to get such a wonderful result. Hopefully you will care about these pathes also in the future. It will surely last some time until that project will get known in Europe. We will help to promote for it. Thanks for your great work! Best wishes

Dear Andros routes team, Last week (October 2016) I made my acquaintance with Andros and I was really impressed. I came there to prepare walking arrangements for some of my groups. I have a small business in walking holidays, as it is now mainly on demand. In almost 30 years as a walking guide I have seen many good walking destinations, and Andros is surely among the best. And, of course, not in the last thanks to the network of traditional walking paths in splendid condition. So I want to express my admiration and gratitude for your work in exploring, restoring, waymarking, promoting and so on. An admiration that was even enhanced when, on my last stroll, I followed a shortcut between Fallika and the Foros cave. A path there is marked on the Anavasi map, but not (yet?) upgraded to the standards of the waymarked Andros routes. That gave me a fair impression of the work it takes. So thank you, and keep on going!

how much we enjoyed hiking in Andros this summer!

We came to Andros for the first time early last September and we fell in love with it. My girlfriend and I are big on hiking and trail running and we really loved the experience of going along trails that were wild but so well marked and maintained at the same time (besides, being the end of the season we hardly ever met anyone there). Ten days before we had hiked around the Meteora and the experience was totally different. Amazing sceneries for sure, but the trails were not maintained at all, and hardly marked, so that we got sidetracked plenty of time and we were never sure whether we were still walking on the trail or we were following something that looked like a trail but was actually a random path. This made us appreciate your work even more! So, we don’t know when we will be back, maybe next year, but for sure we will be back. We did only two trails departing from Batsi (we were at the end of our holiday and quite tired from the hikes in Meteora and east Pelion) but we want to explore much more the next time.

Θα ηθελα να σας γραψω και να ευχαριστησω για την προσπαθεια που εχετε κανει να συντηρησετε και να αναδειξετε τα μονοπατια της Ανδρου. Οχι μονο εγω αλλα και πολλοι ανθρωποι που φιλοξενω εχουν γραψει τα καλυτερα σχολια για τον οργανισμο σας. Το καλοκαιρι που μας περασε ηρθαν σπιτι μου 15 οικογενειες, ζευγαρια με κυριο σκοπο να περπατησουνε στα μονοπατια. Εγραψαν στο βιβλιο επισκεπτων τα καλυτερα σχολια και ειδα ποσο εχετε βοηθησει στην αναπτυξη ενος τουρισμου που σεβεται τον χωρο και εκτιμαει την φυση. Ακομη και τωρα, μες τον χειμωνα ερχοντε ανθρωποι για να περπατησουν, μια εποχη που ο τουρισμος ειναι νεκρος Ηθελα λοιπον να σας ευχαριστησω που βοηθατε στην αναπτυξη του νησιου μας με τον σωστο τροπο, συντηροντας και αναδεικνυντας την ομορφια του

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