Andros and its routes at Paxos island!

From Thursday, December 1 to Sunday December 4, we travelled to Paxos island at the Ionian archipelago having accepted the gracious invitation of the local group “Friends of Paxos”. Our goal was to present our Andros Routes initiative to the group that has been formed in Paxos aiming to work on and promote the island’s hiking routes. And so off we went from the Aegean to the Ionian Sea. We travelled via Corfu and reached Paxoi on a small boat. Shortly after our arrival, we went on our first hike with our new friends, Faye, Andrew, and Chara. The beauty of Paxos leaves no one untouched and the footpaths are no exception. They are wonderful, wall-surrounded paths which reminded us of Andros, albeit with different kinds of stone and beautiful vistas of a totally different coastline. The next day, we went on yet another, almost day-long hike and on Saturday afternoon, we made a presentation to an audience of locals who were very interested in our experience with the footpaths in Andros.

During our trip, we also discussed the prospect of Andros-Paxos collaborations further than the one regarding the hiking routes.

We would like to thank our friends from Paxoi for their warm hospitality and wish them every success in their endeavours…

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