5th & 6th day of Dutch volunteers!

Day 5 gave our Dutch volunteers an option for some free time! However, they all preferred to work even for a few hours …

The day started with all of the group visiting the Kaireios library in Chora, where they were guided around the building of Theophilos Kairis viewing many of the books and artefacts stored there.

Half of the group moved on to the Kaireios Exhibition Centre to help with some work in the hall. At the end of their time there Eirini Dampassis, the library administrator, gave them t-shirts printed with the emblem of the library.

The rest of the group left Chora and returned Apoikia where they worked with Andros Routes volunteers Dimitris Bothos, Myrto Apostolopoulou and Olga Karayiannis to complete the clearing of a blocked path that they had started to clear the previous day.

In the afternoon the whole team travelled on to Korthi and Elena Zacharioudakis offered them a wonderful meal at Lithodomi.

The 6th day of the volunteers visit was dedicated to working in the area of the Korthi municipality, specifically the area of the Southern tip of Andros in the wild and beautiful area of Stenos.

The 12 Dutch volunteers were joined by 8 Andros Routes volunteers and worked on clearing a new path south from the area of the Tromarchia Monastrey towards Stenos and the Stavros beach. The weather was wonderful and the scenery and the views over the sea to Tinos were awe inspiring…..

The 8 Andros Routes volunteers who joined on Day 6 were, Dimitris Bothos, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, Myrto Apostolopoulou, Joseph Papadopoulos, Ulli Stahlmann, Richard & Jola Gillespie and Olga Karayiannis.

The day ended with a dip in the sea at the Pauras beach and a lovely meal at the beachside hut of Eirini and Georgios Robos in Stenos. Experiencing their warmth and generosity, while eating delicious home cooked food in such an idyllic landscape stole the hearts of all who were there.

We were joined by our tireless companion journalist and transporter of all things Vanglouk who filmed the event.

The hardworking team was transported in two pick-up trucks to the Tromarchian Monastery just as the was setting in a stunning red sky. A tour of the monastery was hosted by Vasso Benas.

A warm thanks to everyone who contributed to another great day!

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