In the maintenance hike…circular route Scholi-Ano Gavrio-Agios Petros-Scholi !

Written by : Nikos Avgoustis – hiking coordinator

On Saturday, 5 January, we walked the circular path 15a through Ano Gavrio, Agios Petros, Scholi. The weather was particularly cold after a period of rain. This deprived us of the company of many of our friends who would usually join us, but as we set off the sun was shining, and the 8 people who dared to venture out with us enjoyed a lovely hike.

The path had no significant problems or damage. We made a few isolated way-marking corrections and a small amount of cutting back of branches. We did not pick up a single bag of rubbish on our journey.

With a small detour to the spring at the Agios Petros village square where we had a snack of oven cooked herb pies washed down with “Panogavriotiko” raki!

Our hiking ended with a pleasant meal at the Karavostasi restaurant in Gavrio.

Warm thanks to all the bold friends who braved the cold and participated in our first maintenance hike of the year.

Happy New Year and Good Hiking!

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