In the maintenance hike Remata – Lefka beach – Ateni beach!

Written by: Leandros Petrakis – hiking coordinator

Photos:  Th. Triantafillou, Μ. Lampriadou

What goes around comes around…and so the planned hike on Saturday was transferred to Sunday! But this was for the best! As the sky cleared from the rain on Saturday, it painted the landscape in the most intense colours! Deep blue for the endless sea, lively green for the grassy valleys, dark brown coffee on the dry stone walls that led us from the chapel at Arni to Lefka beach through old fields, forgotten caves in the rocks and “konakis” or mountain huts. Throughout the walk, the Arni river reminded us of her presence with her flowing watery song of life. Seven Route Angels, four of the island’s teachers, four honorary “Andriots” their passports from other countries, two economists, two engineers, made a happy cluster of 14 people who walked, laughed, their greetings now lost in the green waters of Lefka! On the way, we stopped to cut back a few playful branches, and here and there the group raised some proud stones back into their positions in the dry-stone walls. Lucky Ulli was the brave representative of everyone who felt the cold, with her swim in the rejuvenating waters! Our stay on Lefka beach could still last until evening, but the hike was not over. The ascent to Ateni was hard, but our course amidst the ancient rock formations made the trail on the coastline seem light.
How does this island take on such a varied beauty? How it knits the mountain with the sea, weaves rivers in the plains and brings people of different languages ​​together with a shared love; Andros and walking!
We are looking forward to hiking with you and enjoying your company on our next maintenance hike!

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