Clearing route no 14 and discovering an old small bridge…

On Monday the 1st of June, with 7 members of our volunteers team, we have completed clearing the last part of route no 14 in Amolochos close to the church of Taxiarchis. We have removed  the fallen trees that were blocking the path.  As we were clearing the tree branches blocking a ravine, a small stone bridge was revealed!  So many wonderful surprises in every path!

We thank dearly those who participated in this action helping to complete the opening of the largest hiking route of Andros with a length of 13 km, which starts from Gavrio and continues to Ano Gavrio, Amolochos and the watermills of Frousei!

We will soon announce a grand opening hike!

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  1. Barbara Vallender
    Barbara Vallender says:

    You are all doing an amazing job. Thank you so much. We walked on route 15a last Monday up to Ano Gavrio, which we very much enjoyed. I nee to tell you that someone had put a strong metal fence towards the top of the walk after the stone steps going towards Agios Georgos. We struggled to get past this and I suspect walkers who didn’t know they would do this might have turned back. We tried to leave it more easily removable, but I suspect it shouldn’t have been there. On Thursday we did part of the walk on walk 18 and crossed to walk 1 at Messaria. This was delightful, and was so much easier with all the clearing you have done so well. Thank you again for all your hard work. I hope you realise just how much it will be appreciated. Barbara and John

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