A fully attended 2-day interpretation workshop for those who produce and sell Andros products was held with 18 participants and 3 guests.
The workshop was attended by producers of cheese, sausages, fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets, olive oil, pickles and pasta, as well as by producers of honey products, winemakers, tsipouro and other beverages.

The experienced trainer Valia Stergioti in a highly interactive seminar, full of exercises, examples, exchanges of opinions, gave the participants the opportunity to develop different ways of understanding and presenting their products, either in presentations to the public (schools, exhibitions, tourists), or in their written communication (labels, signs, brochures, etc. a.), with the aim of transforming the contact of visitors with their products into an attractive experience, raising interest not only for the local products, but also for the heritage of our island.

The seminar was held at the new, fully equipped for seminars, headquarters of the Andros Research Centre (EKA), the managing body of the projects “Andros Routes” and “Clean, Green Andros”, with the support of the Ministry of Culture in the framework of an EKA action entitled “100 steps of food and memory”, which is in progress with an anticipated final completion date of the end of 2023.

On the second day of the workshop, a visit to the impressive site of the Kourtesis winery in Ypsilou took place. The host Makis Kourtesis welcomed and guided the participants to the amazing winery,offered them rich treats and wine tasting of the estate’s wines. The workshop finished with the recording of some initial ideas for cooperation between Andros producers and the extremely useful exchange of views, as well as the fixing of a new meeting between producers for joint actions.

For their support to the seminar we would like to thank
– the Andriotic Grocery and Achilleas Grigorakakis for the treats of local products,
– Harikleia Daniolou for her treats,
– Despina Hatzoglou and Katerina Vareli for the treats on behalf of the Menites Cultural Association, as well as
– all the producers who participated by bringing their products for the needs of the workshop, said products being turned into treats: Ioanna Politou and Violetta Louvari, Giannoulis Petsas, Nikos Christidis, Yannis Zarikos, Victoria Loukisa, Dimitris Stavaris, Lefteris Karistinos, Demosthenis Varoutis, Katerina and Michalis Tridima, Katerina Pantazi, Dimitris Manidakis and Kostas Tridimas. Many thanks to Eleni and Makis Kourtesis for their warm hospitality at the Kourtesis winery.
New updates will follow for future actions.

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