• We restart our maintenance hikes for the 2020-21 season !

    Welcome to this electronic form made for declaring your participation.
    As things are changing we had to develop a new system to improve the organization of the maintenance hikes of the Andros Routes Project.

    We kindly ask you to fill in the following fields and complete your registration by clicking on the button HIKE PARTICIPATION at the end of the form.
    Your registration will be completed when you receive a confirmation email that will contain all the useful information for you to attend this hike, like the location and meeting time as well as other information.

    Please fill in your data below:

  • Covid-19

    Please reply to the following questions that concern the issue of Covid-19:
  • Andros Routes Project needs more than ever your help and support...

    You can help our project with a small donation !

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.

    Help our project with a small donation !

    How will your donation help ?;

    • with 5€ we can purchase 2 aluminium signs for way marking the walking routes
    • with 10€ we can purchase 1 special glue tube for placing our signs
    • with 30€ we can purchase a special scisor for our workers and volunteers
    • with 75€ we can cover a daily payment for a worker to restore a fallen dry stone wall!
    • with 120€ we can purchase and place a pole with a sign post
    • with 150€ we can create and place a special door needed on the walking routes
  • Price: 0,00 €
  • Terms and conditions

    Please read carefuly below and accept the terms and conditions for participating at the hikes:
  • Your participation on the maintenance hike will be confirmed via an email to the email you have provided. This email will contain useful information about the meeting place and time and more.
    We warmly thank you for your participation. Have a great hike !


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