Gerard Kramer

As a student I have followed a training to become a teacher.
In my working life I have held various management positions at a large insurance company. My last position was trainer / coach at a training center. I provided the basic training for new agents and trained the people from the company’s commercial office. I am retired for a few years now. Of that moment I live by the day and I fully enjoy my life as it comes.

In October 2017 I arrived on Andros through SNP, a Dutch travel organization, for an active walking and working holiday. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I immediately fell in love, fell in love with Andros and the Andros Routes organization with her fantastic Angels. Especially Olga who knew how to inspire us all. From the first day on I became infected with what I call the Andros virus. That means that the only chance to recover for me from that moment consisted of regular visits to Andros. From that moment on my life is connected with Andros. Already in March 2018 I was back on Andros for a ten-day visit together with 2 more Dutch volunteers and in October 2018 I was a volunteer for the Andros Routes Foot Festival all month. I felt very honored that in October I was added to the Andros Routes organization as Route Angel and as a Photo Manager. Also in January 2019 I had to come back for 2 weeks because of my Andros infection.  From now on I am 4 to 6 months (spring and autumn) on Andros to work on the maintenance of the paths and other things related to Andros Routes.

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