Nikos Paraskevopoulos

It was a sunny winter day, one of those that Zeus offered to Alcyone, the daughter of Aeolus, to spin her eggs, that I acquainted myself with the windy island of Andros.
So, I arrived that evening, on January 6, 1988, together with an old friend from my childhood years.
After we arrived at the port, we walked the last kilometre (there was no road at the time), to his mother’s paternal home in Ano Gavrio.
The images I encountered along the way were so special, that the hardness of our ascent had disappeared.
Springs and streams flowing, baby heirs jumping, sheep and goats grazing free in the mountains, birds chirping, all in a green landscape overlooking the endless blue.
“What a beauty”, I said to myself.
Being a city boy (native of Athens), I was amazed by the beauty I encountered, just two hours away from the city…
It was love at first sight.
In the following days, more beauty was revealed to me !!!
So much, that I started dreaming of a new life here.
My wish came true with the purchase of the land with an old stone house, next to my friend’s property.
After ten years of hard personal work, I managed to create my own paradise on earth.
But the surprises did not stop here. After I had quenched my thirst for walks, friends, excursions, parties, get-togethers, sea and light, and as I was looking for something else… Andros Routes and Ms. Olga Karagianni open a new page in my life in 2005…
There are no words to describe what I have been experiencing and discovering since then.
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