Text: Pantelis Siabanos, Anna Voulgari
Photos: Pantelis Siabanos, Chrysoula Grammatikogianni, Antonis Sassalos
Translation to Greek: Violanti Vratsanou

The paths of Andros rely on volunteers for their strength. We are a large group of people who basically, especially and only like to walk these paths. So the joy of all of us older members is great, when new volunteers joining the group. The maintenance hike in the Aprovatou circular was perfectly organized by the new coordinators of the northern sector: Pantelis Siabanos, together with Antonis Sassalos and with the support of Chrysoula Grammatikogianni, the Route Angel candidate Panagiotis Loukadis and Katerina Pantazi for the organizational support. We thank them all.

Let’s go for the next hike on Saturday 30 September on the route Moni Panahrantou – Koureli – Sasa – Aladou – Agia Triada – Zagora. We will visit Zagora! Please register for your participation, see information here:

Pantelis Siabanos describes the hike in Aprovatou Circular that took place on Sunday 24 September 2023:

First autumn event of Andros Routes with the participation of 28 people. A multi-ethnic group consisting of Greeks, French, Dutch, Israelis and a lady from Asia.

The meeting session started at 10.30h and at 10.50h we started our route. Before the meeting tools, bags and one-use gloves were distributed to those who did not already have them. It is noteworthy that several people came organized with their own tools. So almost everyone contributed to the maintenance of the path.

The descent was done from the northern path through terraces, farms and streams. We arrived at the deserted beach at Kouchi where two ruined warehouses (used for the onion gathering) stand as witnesses to another era. Katerina Pantazi informed us that onions were grown in the area, which were gathered at the beach warehouses to be loaded onto boats.
We swam and rested for an hour before starting the ascent which was arduous due to the heat and lack of wind. The first of us arrived at 15.00h at the “Balconi tou Aigaiou” at 15.00 h, the last of us at 15.30h.

Many thanks to the participants who actively contributed to the cleaning of the path. They were all aware of what path maintenance means and worked consistently towards this goal. It should be pointed out that a few missing signs were placed. So now the path can be walked without hindrance by anyone who wishes to do so.

See you on the next maintenance hike!

From the RA, Chrysoula Grammatikogianni, Antonis Sassalos and Pantelis Siabanos took part, while from the RA candidates Panagiotis Loukadis took part.
28 people participated.

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