On Sunday, June 16, 2024, the newspaper Kathimerini was launched with the magazine “Travel”  which was dedicated to the Cyclades “of authenticity and sustainable tourism… to those who keep the tradition alive, the active groups working to protect the natural and cultural heritage and the cohesion of local societies, the collectivities that keep the road to sustainability open, the Cycladites that inspire us are here, in a collector’s issue that looks for islands of authenticity in the islands that we have identified with our most beautiful summers”. In the article “Sustainable tourism in practice” Andros Routes is mentioned as it turns 15 this year!

Read the article:

Andros Routes turns 15 this year. The voluntary project of the non-profit organization “Andros Research Center” began with a double vision: to highlight the beauty of nature and the man-made landscape of Andros and to contribute to its preservation. “The visitor can choose to walk on at least one route of northern, central and southern Andros, both inland and by the sea,” says Olga Karagianni, co-founder of Andros Routes. “To feel with all his senses the invigorating coolness of the mountain air and the dozens of ravines, to smell the herbs and wild flowers, to admire the shocking dry stones and stone agricultural structures, the myriad anonymous and recognized monuments throughout the island. To enjoy the view of the terraced landscape and the coastline and to dive in the clear waters. Only in this way will you experience the touching beauty and variety that this place has and which inspired us to create Andros Routes. The network includes 34 routes with a total length of 240 km, which are presented in detail on our website (androsroutes.gr), 11 of which are circular. But Andros’ experience is also its flavors. Try the Andriot herbs, vegetables and fruits of every season, cheeses, meats and meat products, excellent varieties of honey, local sweets, lemonade, raki and its wines. Because several of the producers are not easily accessible, we have made a digital map to locate them in relation to the trails (androsresearchcenter.org/paragwgoi)”.


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