Andros: Comprehensive guide to this charming Cyclades island

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The aegean island possessing a great maritime tradition, is balanced between cosmopolitan, classic and alternative ways., the great bilingual travel portal that glorifies the travel experience in Greece and the world, has published a comprehensive tourist guide for Andros. The reference to the footpaths of Andros is as follows:

The island features an extensive network of trails, which, at many sections, are cobbled. In the past, they served as routes linking the villages

In 2009, a group of volunteers began preserving the existing network and clearing trails that had become inaccessible over the years. The initial effort was followed up by the addition of new routes, resulting in an extensive network of trails now measuring a total of 180 kilometres. They cover all of Andros. Of the 180-kilometre total, 100 kilometres constitute the Andros Route. Marked in blue on island trekking maps, it runs from north to south and passes through areas of natural beauty as well as by monuments.

Experienced trekkers can expect to require about ten days to cover all the island’s trails, if trekking for between four to five hours a day. The degree of difficulty of Andros’ trails ranges from moderate to considerably difficult, but the rewards offered in return are plenty, including picturesque villages, chapels, creeks, old olive groves, stone bridges, water mills and castles, all set in dense greenery.

Inexperienced trekkers interested in trying can take shorter, easier routes for a gradual entry into the world of trekking. These simpler routes are all marked out on maps for beginners. Whatever route you choose, make sure to check on the weather forecast before taking off. More information on the network of trails is available here

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