People often say “the green May” and indeed May is green and flowery. Especially this year, when it rained little, the grass grew while the earth drank a little water. In May, volunteers and workers cleaned the vegetation on the following paths:

Ar1 Arni circular
7a+7 Aladou – Zagora
Tr1 Tromarchia circular
Ka1 Katakilos circular
13 Arni – Remata – Lefka
12 from Arni till dirt road Prophet Elias
12 from Vourkoti till dirt road, from asfalt road towards Agioi Saranta
2 from Vourkoti till asfalt road of Katakalaioi
11 Batsi – Katakilos – Ano Katakilos – Arni
2 Chora – Apikia – Katakalaioi – Vourkoti
7 Parachrados Monastery – Aladou
9 Aprovatou – Palaiopoli – Ano Pitrofos – Ano Menites – Strapouries
Aprov1 Aprovatou circular
11a Ano Aprovatou – Batsi
Aprov1 from Aegean Balcony till start of circular section & start of circular section to Agios Dimitrios spring (asphalt)
11 from Panagia Arnis to wooden bridge (towards Katakilos)
14 from dirt road of Agia Eleousa till Sargologou house
17 Livadia circular

🤝 Many thanks to everyone who helps Andros Routes!

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