A walk on the route Chora-Ypsilou-Mesathouri-Lamyra-Menites!… A report of the 1st Maintenance Hike of 2020!

Text: Alexander Kostis
Photos: Dimitris Spyropoulos
Hiking Coordinators: Joseph Papadopoulos/Alexandros Kostis
Twenty people from many corners of Andros, as well as visitors from as far afield as Canada, participated in the 1st Maintenance Hike of 2020 on Andros Route 1. With fine weather and a positive mood, we started our hike in Chora on Sunday 12th January.
From Chora, we passed through lower Ypsilou, Mesathouri, lower Lamira and ended up in the delightfully wooded settlement of Mentites. On our way, we cut back new plant growth and removed branches blocking the path that had fallen in the high winds of the previous days. At the end of the route, the Menites Association served us lunch, and then most of the group went on to Pitrofos where we stopped again to eat.
Next hiking weekend 24 or 25 January!

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