We commence our autumn hikes ! Sunday the 9th of October from Paleopolis to Ano Pitrofo & Menites !

Sweet autumn is here and we commence our lovely hikes !

Join us on Sunday the 9th of October at the 15th (2015-16) hike to maintain the path from Paleoolis to Ano Pitrofos and Menites !

  • We start from the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis

  • Following the lovely “steni” (walled path) while enjoying magnificent views we ascend towards Ano Paleopolis & Ano Pitrofos

  • At Ano Pitrofos we have the option to make a short visit at the Olive Museum

  • We then descend towards the wooded area of Ano Menites & Menites.

    Difficulty level : medium-difficult, distance : 8,8 km

  • With our steps we are helping to keep the path open! Along the way we will also cut back any vegetation which has grown back to block the path and clear any garbage.
LOCATION: Paleopolis Archaeological MuseumTIME: 10:30 , Sunday 9 October 2016
  • Combine fun with a little light conservation work !
    Gloves, hoe and a hand-saw will come in handy.


    Please let us know you are coming the latest on Saturday morning !
    CONTACT: [email protected], +30 6977 334334, +30 6974 412772,

    Taking part in hikes implies acceptance of the “Andros Routes’ terms & conditions https://www.androsroutes.gr/el/hike_advice_roules/

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