Hiking with children of the Chora Elementary School!

Monday, 2 October 2017 was Pan-Hellenic School Day here in Greece and an opportunity for school students to take a break from formal lessons to take part in sport and other active pursuits.
We were delighted to be asked by the teachers of the 5th Primary School of Chora in Andros to talk to the children about hiking and then to walk together, celebrating the day, on the Andros trails.
Before walking, we talked with the children about the ancient paths of Andros and hiking as a leisure pursuit. We gave maps to 50 students and gave a brief explanation how to read the map. Then … we went for a walk!
We took Route 17, to do a circular walk in the area of ​​Livadia.
The children seemed to enjoy our day out so we have  promised to organise more outings on the paths throughout the school year.
We are very grateful to our teachers Pella Koutrotsiou and Maria Lambriadou for organising the initiative and the tireless vanglouk who followed us with all his photographic equipment …!
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