• We meet at Ano Aprovatou at the restaurant “Balcony tou Aigaiou) (Aegean Baclony)
  • We start our hike descending through beautiful wooded parts to the beach of Koutsi ! We take a brake and the brave ones can have a swim !
  • We then ascend towards Ano Aprovatou to end up at our starting point
  • At the end of our hike we can enjoy together a wonderful meal…

With our steps we are helping to keep the path open! Along the way we will also cut back any vegetation which has grown back to block the path and clear any garbage.


: Ano Aprovatou- tavern “Balcony tou Aigaiou”
DATE: Sunday 1st April 2018
TIME: 10:30

Please let us know you are coming the latest on Saturday morning !

Gloves, hoe and a hand-saw will come in handy.

Combine fun with a little light conservation work!

CONTACT: www.androsroutes.gr, +30 6977 334334, info@androsroutes.gr

Taking part in hikes implies acceptance of the “Andros Routes’ terms & conditions https://www.androsroutes.gr/el/hike_advice_roules/ 

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