Andros Beach-Art Project

Andros Routes is teaming up with MyBlueOcean and
together with your help we want to make a difference!

Meeting point is Ateni beach at 11am on the 4. of March (depending on good weather). There you can learn all about the project and how we will organize the day.

Team up with us to collect what the sea has left on the sand. But just cleaning might be boring, so we will gather what we find into a giant art piece to make an impression.
Finally we will take pictures that will be published on the
internet and raise awareness internationally and encourage
people locally against plastic pollution.

We will monitor values of what we gather to provide important scientific data and thus take part in several international studies on marine debris and plastic in the ocean.

We want to have fun! So after the main work is done we will
reward ourselves with a relaxing picnic on our now clean
beach and reflect on what we’ve found, honoring the most
interesting finds and having a look at what we have created.
In the end everything will be gathered, sorted for recycling
and taken to disposal.

If you can come with a pickup truck, this will be very useful.
Planned end is around 6pm.

Kind sponsors have donated bags and latex gloves but you can
bring along any additional equipment you might find useful,for example shovels, rubber boots for wading into the water, sives to filter through the sand or anything else you think could be useful.

Don’t forget to bring something along to share for our picnic!

To better organize please let us know you are coming the latest by Friday morning! -Incase of increased participation (so you must definitely let us know you are coming and from where you would like to be picked up), a bus will be arranged to pick up people from Gavrio (10.15 from the bakeries) and Batsi (10.35 parking by the beach)

We are very happy to see you soon!

Contact: Olga +30 6977334334,
Ulli +30 6973823354

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