In the 11th maintenance hike of 2019….Tromarchion Monastery circular route!

Written by : Richard Gillespie – hiking coordinator

Photos: Th. Farmakakis, Th. Triadafyllou

On a perfect June morning under clear blue skies, we gathered at the Tromarchia Monastery for our maintenance hike on the dramatic Tromarchia circular route. Although only a group of 9 hikers, we were our usual mixture of locals and visitors. All corners of the island were represented plus visitors from the UK and Belgium.

This circular route passes through a wonderful mix of landscapes from the fertile Kothi valley to the rugged rocky coastline near the monastery. We set off walking away from the coast into the green wooded interior. On the way, we trimmed back overgrown vegetation at the sides of the path and admired a neatly cultivated terrace of vegetables. After a brief rest stop, we started the return leg with a climb up many stone steps revealing magnificent views to both coasts of the island. We replaced some missing way-markers at key junctions and began our descent along the craggy coastline back towards the monastery. The last few metres of this route are a steep climb back to the start point, but those who make it are rewarded with a clear gushing spring of cool water at the top. We stopped and drank and filled our water bottles!

Many thanks to all who came along. Your involvement is vital to help keep our incredible network of paths alive.

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