Follow us on our next hike to maintain the paths of Andros from Messaria to Aladinou-Falika Petrias-Vrachnou- Livadia

Let’s hike together…!

  • We start from Vaconi and descend towards the arched bridge of Aladinou
  • We then ascend towards Falika and continue along the beautiful walled pat towards the enchanting deserted settlement of Petrias, Prophed Daniel chapel and Vrachnou
  • We end up in Livadiavillage !

Difficulty level : medium-difficult,  distance : about 8 km


With our steps we are helping to keep the path open! Along the way we will also cut back any vegetation which has grown back to block the path and clear any garbage.

LOCATION:Vaconi, entrance of route 18 (Ekogass station)

TIME:11:00 , Saturday  the 20th of February 2016

Combine fun with a little light conservation work !

Gloves, hoe and a hand-saw will come in handy.


Please, let us know you are coming the latest on Friday afternoon !

CONTACT:  +30 6977 334334,

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