At the hike to maintain the path from Vaconi-Aladinou-Falika-Vrachnou-Livadia !

20 people participated on our 8th hike to maintain the paths of Andros on Saturday the 20th of February 2016. Our participants came from Ano Gavrio, Batsi, Aprovatou, Chora, Stenies, Mesathouri  and Katakalaioi. Together with most of the faithful friends of the paths of Andros along with new comers we started our course from Vaconi and descended towards the Aladinou beautiful arched bridge. Then we ascended towards Falika and continued along the gorgeous wooded walled path toPetrias village and Prophet Daniel chapel. After crossing several ravines we reached the borders of the area of Livadia and then ascended to Vrachnou village to finally descend towards Baxedes area and Chora. During our hike we have gathered garbage and trimmed overgrown vegetation. Along this route we have found in many spots fallen stones from the dry stone walls that must be repaired but at the moment do not block the path. The beautiful day was completed after small adventures for some of us with lovely snacks at Fofo’s at Livadia and for the rest at Skalakia restaurant in Chora.

Our gratitude to the lovely people for their participation and positive energy ! A new hike will be announced soon !

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