Andros Routes 17 Mesa Chorio 2023

A small part of path no.17 is closed for a few days

A small part of path no. 17, which leads from the village of Mesa Chorio to the river and then to the connection with path no. 17A, will remain closed for a few days due to works on the adjacent dry stone wall, see HERE on the map for the exact location. Those of you, who wish to walk there, will have to exclude Mesa Chorio from their route.

Alternatively, from the point below the cemetery of Livadia cemetery you can hike alongside the river and all the way straight till you reach path no 17A.

The paths nos 17, 17A, 17B surround the village of Livadia; so you can explore them all together or in sections, you can hike in a relaxed way and admire the views across the valley and the cypress trees in the gardens!

We’ll let you know, when the part of no 17 is free again.

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