Andros Routes Christmas Bazzar

Choose a gift from the „Andros Routes“-products!
& Help the „Andros Routes“- project get closer to its goals!

If you want to help protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of Andros through the maintenance of the footpaths, buy something that will be useful to you, something that you will use every day

e.g. a coffee mug, a cloth bag for shopping, or choose something as a souvenir that will mentally bring you back to the island! Give useful items and garments as gifts… „Andros Routes“!

The Christmas Holidays are approaching and gifts are in order! Our items are timeless and suitable for all seasons and all occasions. They have many useful applications; even those that look like summer items, – such as the beach towel – are perfect as a towel for the gym or pool.

🛑 How do I order?
Check our catalog in:

Choose from the catalog and let us know the products you wanand your details (name, phone number, delivery method, and address if they will be shipped) by emailing and we will contact you!

You can pick up your order:
In Andros: from the Andros Routes Office, Agios Spyridon in Chora, or from any other point upon request.
In Athens: from any point upon request
For the rest of Greece & abroad: by post with extra postal charges

🎄 🎅🏻 Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

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