Andros Routes at the 2nd CIVINET Forum

At the beginning of 2024, we were invited by representatives of the CIVINET network, to present the Andros Routes project as a good practice of sustainable mobility in relation to tourism, at the 2nd conference of the network in Athens. The conference was organized on May 28-30 in Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, where on the 3rd day, May 30, Olga Karagianni, coordinator of the project, presented the history and actions of Andros Routes in the section “Good practices from island regions of Greece and the rest of Europe”.

The second international conference of the CIVINET Greece-Cyprus network was a three-day event of innovative activities of the CIVITAS international community, where approximately 500 politicians, scientists, public sector engineers, students, representatives of large companies and start-ups, civil society activists, artists, but also citizens participated in a great open discussion on sustainable mobility and climate neutrality.

See the presentation “Andros Routes (2010-2024): A walking network & a local initiative to preserve natural and cultural heritage on a Cycladic island” by clicking here.

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