Involvement of the Andros Research Centre (Andros Routes project) in the new initiative of the Museum of Cycladic Art for the preservation of the traditions of the islands – Cycladic Identity.

The Museum of Cycladic Art is implementing a new initiative called “Cycladic Identity” which aims to preserve and promote the Cycladic identity.
Through this initiative, it supports organisations active in the Cyclades in the fields of culture, biodiversity and intangible cultural heritage by funding selected actions (

The evaluation of the proposals has been undertaken by the Scientific Committee consisting of Dr Dimitris Athanasoulis (Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades), Dr Michael Boyd (Senior Research Associate in Science and Technology at the Research Centre for Archaeology and Culture, Institute of Cyprus), Dimitris Karavellas (Director General of WWF Greece), Dr Angeliki Kosmopoulou (archaeologist and sustainability consultant).

The Cyclades still maintain, even today in these days of changing character, their tradition and identity through their architecture, music, language and culture. Simplicity and geometry are typical examples of the Cycladic style.

In the context of this support, the Andros Research Centre (Andros Routes project) submitted a proposal to Cycladic Identity with the aim to study and record the traditional surface water management practices in the central mountainous area of Andros. This is the most important natural resource that the island possesses and to which its rich vegetation, flora, fauna and biodiversity are due.

The proposal includes the digital recording of the old mountain springs and historical documentation of their water management systems, a valuable practice and a pillar of the intangible cultural heritage of Andros.

The volunteers and those who work for the Andros paths are extremely happy for the support of the Museum of Cycladic Art through the Cycladic Identity initiative.
Andros and waters are identical concepts and our desire is to record and share with residents and visitors this valuable knowledge of the water management, hoping that the condition that makes Andros to be “Ydrousa” will never change!

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