Text: Anna Kalatzi
Photos: Athena Kirtata, Gerard Kramer
Translation to English: Violandi Vratsanou

May 1st… a day of many important events and anniversaries… and our team, guardian of Andros’ routes, decided to lead the world… where else?… But to the fertile valley of Livadia.

At 9.30 h on Monday morning our volunteers met the participants (33 in total) in front of the open theatre of Andros. After the usual introductions we started walking towards Avyssos we crossed Megalos Potamos (Great River) at the stone arched bridge and headed left to climb towards Pera Chorio gazing at the endless orchards full with citrus trees, sometimes flowering, sometimes with yellow and orange fruits. We came to the church of Agios Konstantinos, descended back down to the river, turned left again and entered Kato Chorio, crossed Megalos Potamos again, walked Mesa Chorio and turned left back to the River, walking parallel there towards the park of Livadia, where the Village Association (“Agios Konstantinos”) had set up a feast to celebrate the orgasm of nature that surrounds their villages, spread lazily above right and left of the river, overlooking their fertile valley, surrounded by high stone walls.

The celebration of the Association, organized down to the last detail, impressed the hikers and enthralled us in a delightful wanderings of the senses with the music of the Doya brothers, which made you twirl to the rhythms of the island dances, with the colorful flower wreaths that the ladies of the Association had made, but also with the tickling delicacies that were roasted on the charcoal. Everything contributed so that hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting could celebrate together as well as the nature around. And of course when all these senses are satisfied…then touching shares love!!!!

Thank you once more for your participation and we hope that the purpose of our project will inspire those who come to walk with us in order to develop hiking culture and protect nature and culture.
See the route here:  androsroutes.gr/kentriki-andros/xwra-libadia

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