Are you one of the rare, precious people of the island who produce local products?


Or maybe you have a store that supports local products? If so and you are interested in communicating to residents and visitors about your products, the places where they can be purchased, and/or if you receive visits from individuals or groups who wish to meet you, see and learn about the production processes of the products yours, then take advantage of the free registration tool on the digital map of Local Producers of Andros products that we created!

Whether you produce fresh products or processed products for example cheese products, meat and meat products, honey, wine, raki, olive oil, lemon, vegetables and fruits, anything else, even handicrafts, it is valuable to put your mark on the map that aims has to support Andriot production.

Throughout the next period, there will be a “running” bridging campaign between local producers and tourism businesses as well as the visitors of Andros. If we want to talk about sustainable tourism in Andros, this cannot be achieved without the support of the primary sector of our island.

So you can register for free on the digital map of producers, processors and sellers of local products of Andros by filling in the following form or contact us at

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