See the local products that you can taste in Andros and where you can find them and meet their producers, in the link here

And keep in mind that behind each product is one or more people who, with great passion and energy, utilize the rich raw materials, the land, the water, the air of Andros and create products with smells and tastes that will move you!

Whether we are talking about traditional fresh products of Andros, such as lemons, onions, figs, or processed products, such as cheese, meat and meat products, honey, wine, raki, olive oil, we are essentially talking about people who, from generation to generation, pass on a ancestral heritage of centuries!

By preferring local products, you are not only participating in an exciting journey of aromas and flavors, but you are also supporting the sustainability of Andros!

On the map are those producers who have completed their free registration process to date and in addition to information on how you can contact them, which are in relation to the marked network of hiking routes maintained by the Andros Routes volunteers, you will also find information on central points of sale where you can get their products.

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