New Routes, New Walkers, Hope  ……

…for our uplifting hike on the Arni circular route!

Despite the warm weather 27 people, from many areas of the island, as well as from Athens and abroad, joined us for the 12th maintenance hike of 2017.

New and old volunteers, friends from Psoriariza and Mermigies, Fellos, Charakas, Gides, Batsi, Katakilos, Aprovato, Mesathouri, Katakalei, Kaparia, Ormos Korthiou, Athens, France, England, met at the church of the Virgin Mary in Arni on the morning of 17 September 2017. Following a briefing and the distribution of tools we started on this wonderful new circular walk.

During our hike we cut back areas overgrown with vegetation, cleared fallen stones, collected rubbish and cleaned away accumulated soil and leaves to reveal old stone steps.

A hike in Arni not only rewards the walker with an outstanding enchanting beauty but at this time of year the sides of the path offer delicious apples, ripe figs and walnuts ready to eat..

The great mix of old and new supporters meant that new acquaintances were made on our journey and we were encouraged to see new faces of all ages joining us.  We are grateful to all of them for their support and hard work.  We are fortunate to have such a committed and inspiring group of people who are keen to not only to support and promote Andros Routes but also to work with their hands to help keep the paths alive.

At the end of our journey we were welcomed by the people of the Arnian Cultural Association. We sat together, we got to know each other a little better and we heard from the Association that they have seen a significant increase in visitor numbers since the opening of the paths and our work to promote them. It is rewarding to hear that people of this village are beginning to see the benefits of hiking tourism on Andros….

A great thank you to the Arnians for their hospitality and warmth.

The next hike will be in 2 weeks!

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