Chrysoula Grammatikoyianni

My name is Chrysoula Grammatikoyianni. I was born and I live in Athens.
I have studied acting and I worked as an actor until I was absorbed by the family I created.
They say that karma is what determines the course of our lives.
So I believe that my acquaintance with Andros was karmic.
The first time the boat brought me to Andros was in 1992 and it was enough to distinguish and love her. I was following ANDROS ROUTES on social media and I was wondering how I could be a part of this team too.
The time has come for me to hike its magical paths for three days on 2017.
As the universe supports our desire to become a reality, June 2021 was the month that brought me close to an angel of Andros routes …. Nikos Paraskevopoulos, who accompanied us on the hikes we did, with a travel agency.
This acquaintance with Nikos, was the beginning of the “erotic relationship” with the island and its paths
Until on a hike, Anna Kalantzi was the one who invited me to join ANDROS ROUTES.
So I thank Nikos Paraskevopoulos, Anna Kalantzi and Olga Karayianni, because the gave me the opportunity to become a route angel and to combine my love for hiking with the care of the paths of Andros.
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