2022-08-28 Kristen Mann

Kristen Mann

I am an Australian archaeologist who loves Andros so much I moved here permanently in 2022, fulfilling a dream I’d had since I first visited back in 2010. I’ve studied the archaeology of Andros since 2008, and wrote my PhD on the houses and settlement at Zagora. I knew about Andros Routes thanks to walking path 7 every day during fieldwork here, and very much wanted to join the program and give back to the community. I reached out before I had even finished moving in! I love outdoor activities, nature, conservation, art, and community projects and am looking forward to getting to know the island and its beauty more intimately on foot over the years to come. I am also looking forward to being part of such a fantastic community of good people, united in our love of Andros, its nature, and its hikes!

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