Foteini Dimou

My name is Fotini Dimou and I was born and raised in Athens. The very first time I visited Andros was in summer 2008 for 2 weeks in a magnificent beach house in Korthi, since then I was mesmerized by the natural beauties of the island to that extent that regardless of  where my professional obligations require me to be , Ι always make time to visit Andros just to view the lighthouse in Nimporio or get lost in the narrow streets of Chora.  I believe in the quote of (A.E.) “the purpose is love” and therefore it is proved by deeds . Andros Routes team serves that value by demonstrating care and respect to natural resources and the ecosystem  of Andros. Consequently  I had a strong desire not only to get to know the team but also to join it and contribute to its mission; the maintenance of the trails in line with the promotion of the island from a cultural and tourist perspective. After all I come to believe that by hiking in the old ,perfectly preserved routes of Andros you discover hidden treasures for the island and its history.

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