Margarita Korachai

I come from Andros and specifically from two beautiful villages Apoikia and Mesathouri. I was born and raised in Athens. I studied at TEI Athens, Tourism Business Administration. Since 2003, I am working in the hotel industry with significant experience in booking / sales and hotel organization. In 2016, we took the decision and settled down with my family in Andros in order to offer a better life, close to nature, to our two young children Maria-Irini and Theodoris. We now work in Andros in the domain of tourist accommodation and of real estate management in the short-term lease.

All these years I watch the effort of Andros Routes people and their contribution to the coveted extension of the tourist season of our island. I am very happy that I can now be a small part of this effort. I love Andros and its unique paths. And as I usually tell to the visitors of our island, every path has its magic.

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