The certified footpaths of Andros at OW (On Wellness)


K. Vassalou, Editor at OW.GR

This is not the first time we have written about the footpaths of Andros. The  Andros Routes project operates under the auspices of the Andros Research Center, a non-profit civil organization founded in 2009 to preserve and highlight the island’s old hiking trails, while recording the oral history that accompanies them.

Today, around 180 km of hiking paths have been opened, covering the whole of Andros, while 100 km form the certified “Andros Route” which has been awarded the “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” label, according to the standards of the European Ramblers Association. By looking at the site of Andros Routes you will find a total of 32 daily and circular routes with all the necessary information.

In the surroundings of the noble capital of Andros (Chora), two easy circular routes worth noting are Livadia and Menites. With no particular steep slope, hiking in the fertile plain of Livadia is one of the most beautiful spring activities on the island, as the route passes by fragrant gardens with all the citrus trees and plenty of lemon trees (7 km, 1.5-2 hours). Remember, here, that lemon is the most popular spoon sweet of Andros.

As for the path that circles Menites, it is a green route that passes by the impressive springs of the village, the church of Panagia Koumoulou, the lush valley with the noble houses and churches, and the ruins of the watermills next to running waters (3 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes). MAGIC!

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