A Sunday hike in Arni !

It was a great day with 25 walkers (from Fellos, Gavrio, Ano Gavrio, Batsi, Katakilos, Aprovato, Falika, Menites, Chora, Livadia and Katakalei) for our 9th maintenance hike of the year on the Arni circular route.

This route is so full of growth in spring with wonderful colors and the fragrance of wild plants. We made several short stops to admire the rich and varied flora including a visit to a beautiful chapel.

There had been an impressive amount of growth on this route, which was cleared just 1 month ago. We carried out a significant amount of cutting back overgrown vegetation, removing stones fallen from walls and collected rubbish along the way! We also improved the signage by adding and repairing way-markers..

After a relaxing break on the wonderful Epameinondas bridge, we made our way back to the starting point with a stop at the Massani spring to fill our water bottles and cool down.

Many thanks to the participants for their hard work and warm company!

Next hike in 2 weeks.

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