Photos: Andonis Spertos
Translation into English: Violandi Vratsanou

The strong wind, that stirs up dust and leaves and sometimes wants to lift the whole earth, changes the landscapes of Andros in a fascinating way. The sun sinks into huge grey clouds that move like demons and darken the day, the temperature drops and often the fog causes many villages to “disappear”… The seasons of the year play no role; in some places, even in August, it is foggy and cold!

Antonis Spertos chose this typical “Andriotic weather”, which is ideal for going up to the mountains, to hike a big, huge circle around Petalo. He started from Neiborio and crossed half of Andros… and returned back to Chora! From his description it seems he enjoyed it very much:

„Today I had the pleasure to live a day full of unique images, wonderful sounds, incredible emotions and all this while hiking on the footpaths of our wonderful island. It would take pages to describe everything I saw today hiking the circular route around “Petalo”. In detail, I started from Neiborio, I took No. 2 up to Apoikia, then to Katakalaioi, where I was greeted by Olga. Then it was foggy, very foggy, I passed Vourkoti, I followed No. 12 up to the ridge of Petalo, then to Arni and from there I took No. 11 to Katakoilos, continued with No. 11a to Ano Aprovatou, with No. 9 I passed over Paleopolis… „

At this point we need a break, we… but not Antonis, who from Ano Pitrofos quickly reached the region above Menites and Mesathouri, where he took No. 10 until the junction with No. 1 continuing downhill back to Chora!
The route he covered is 43km in total and Antonis walked for 10,5 hours, see photos for more details of the route.

We wish him health and good luck, in order to hike wherever he likes as a long-distance runner. It is a great pleasure for all of us, being involved in the Andros Routes Project, to have him in our team.

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