The most important guardians of the agricultural heritage and landscape of our island!

With great pleasure, we present to you the digital map of producers, processors and sellers of local products of Andros!

Individuals who, with their hard work and passion, use the rich raw materials and natural resources of the Andriot land to create products that reflect the unique identity of our island.

Who pass down from generation to generation an intangible heritage of diverse tastes: cheeses, meat and cold cuts, honey, wine, raki, olive oil, and so much more. Also those who produce fresh products that have a long history on Andros, such as lemons as well as vegetables and fruits, produced in both old and modern ways, offering residents and visitors the tastes and smells of Andros.

The creation of a digital map, with an open invitation to all local producers and retailers, as well as to those local producers who can receive visitors to see their production in action, has been a priority objective since the first years of our organization.

This map “answers” the questions of – what can I taste from local products of Andros – and where can I find them. It shows their location in relation to the hiking routes.

It aims:

  • to be a bridge between local producers, visitors to the island and residents;
  • to highlight and strengthen the valuable agro-food heritage of Andros;
  • to enrich the tourist “experience” of Andros;
  • to encourage the cooperation of tourism professionals with local producers, to give preference to local products and the development of local experiences for visitors.

The map is under construction and we invite any interested grower, producer or retailer of local products to register for free by filling out the form here, by contacting us by email or by phone 6942 653 635. The registration process will always remain open as will the map.

See here the map and how you can use it.

The action of creating the map and the registration process open to all interested parties, was a continuation of the seminar on Interpretation for the Heritage of Andros, especially for local producers that took place in January 2023.

The creation of the digital map is part of the action “100 steps of food and memory” of our organization Andros Research Center. The action was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage and its aim is to support and highlight the agro-food tradition of Andros and local producers.

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