Text, Photos: Valentini Deskoulidou
Translation to English: Katerina Pantazi

On Saturday June 1st, the 11th maintenance hike of this hiking year took place, on the beautiful route 2 (Vourkoti – Katakalaioi – Pythara – Apoikia – Chora). Meeting point was Neiporio in Chora, where the bus with the hikers started for the mountainous Vourkoti. Arriving there we had the opportunity to see the village in the sun, while usually we see it in a veil of fog. After getting know to each other, the 10 participants started the route. A little pruning, a few stickers to improve markings that had faded from the sun and picking up some trash on our way. We passed the beautiful stone bridge of Vourkoti and continued among the ferns that due to the altitude we had the pleasure of admiring. At the top of the mountain before Katakalaioi, Chora appeared in front of us, exciting those who had not visited the route, but no matter how many times you have seen this view, it always takes your breath away.

In Katakalaioi we met the beautiful path 2b and drank water from its crystal spring. There we also met the hikers from Chalandri, a large group that had come to the island for a 2-day walk. They were all very pleased with the nature and the routes and congratulated us on the work of Andros Routes.

Arriving in Sariza, we made another short stop for water at the historic and famous spring, where we were refreshed and given courage to continue.

We crossed the magnificent stone bridge of the Apoikia and continued towards the last uphill of the route. After the road that leads to Agia Marina, we once again admired the view of Chora which appeared before us more alive and closer this time and descending we reached Neimborio. There we had the pleasure of the hikers of Chalandri seeing our products and strengthening our cause. We thank them very much for their contribution and wish everyone a good summer as this was the last hike of the season. Sooner this year than usually, the weather has been warm and the mountains need attention and respect with such high temperatures.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our hikes in autumn and to support Andros Routes efforts, by joining the maintenance hikes, but also why not as our NEW VOLUNTEERS.

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