The certified Andros Route features in the German magazine OutdoorWelten !

News of our well maintained certified paths continues to travel!

The German hiking and outdoor magazine OutdoorWelten will feature the Andros Route as part of an article about hiking in Greece covering the three Greek long distance paths, the Andros Route, the Mainalon Trail and the Ursa Trail. We are thrilled that, of all of the Greek paths, a picture of the path ascending to Επάνω Κάστρο on Andros is the main image printed in the article.

The article is a tribute to work of the all the volunteers and people of Andros who worked so hard to create the network that brought us the Leading Quality Trails certification in 2015 and have continued to maintain the paths since then. We are beginning to see fruits of our labour as the reputation of Andros as a top quality hiking destination is beginning to reach hikers across Europe.

OutdoorWelten is published twice a year, in November and May, and is read by 40,000 people interested in walking and outdoor activities.

The article can be viewed here and the cover of the magazine here

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