Two April maintenance hikes in Aprovato & Exo Vouni to Chora

On the 1st and 15th of April 2018 we took to the paths with old and new friends to carry out some maintenance work.

On 1st April 2018 we were 33 people (from Aprovato, Batsi, Fellos, Menites, Chora, Katakalei and Germany!) as well as the Dutch volunteers who were on Andros at that time. During the day we almost completely cleared the new circular route from Ano Aprovato -Aprovato – Koutsi beach. The weather was pleasant with a little breeze and we worked to clear the path of new growth, relevelled parts of the path with uneven surfaces and gathered fallen stones replacing them on the drystone walls alongside the path.  Along the way we collected any rubbish that had been left on the path. At the end of the walk we sat together for a delicious lunch.

Fifteen people joined us for the hike on 15th April. They were from Pisolimionas, Agios Petros, Batsi, Aprovato, Kaparia, Mesathori, Chora and Katakalei. It was a beautiful day with a few cloudy and slight breeze. We started from Exo Vouni and we headed on Route 5 towards Vrachnou and Chora. We carried out our usual tasks, clearing overgrown areas, improved the path surface in places, picked up stones, and fixed waymarkers and gathered rubbish. Once again, the day was completed with a nice meal in Chora.

Warms thanks all the participants!

The next maintenance hike is on Sunday 29th April 2018!

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