At our 5th 2015-16 hike to maintain- route no 4 from Tromarchion Monastery to Aidonia


The participation at our last hike to maintain the paths of Andros at Korthi areawasreallyimpressive…! 35 people from AnoFellos, Gavrio, Kypri, Batsi, Aprovatou, Kolymbos, Mesathouri, Ypsilou, Chora, Stenies, Falika, Livadia, Katakalaioi, Kochyloy and Rogo as well as friends from Athens was the lovely group at our 5th hike to maintain the paths of Andros for the period 2015-16. The weather has been amazing with a bright sunshine and almost no wind. We cleared overgrown vegetation and picked up garbage along the path. We enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Korthi area and the warmth of its people…. We also enjoyed a lovely snack offered to us at Nionas village. At the end of our hike we had a lovely meal at OrmosKorthiou (Korthi Bay).

Gratitudetoallthepeoplefortheirparticipation, aswell as Vanglouk who although did now walk with us but he patiently waited for us in the crossing of the path with raods in order to video tape us…

Soon an announcement for our new hike !


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